Chiro Quick Charts: Your all-in-one EHR practice management solution

Electronic records, billing, and scheduling: Chiro Quick Charts is powerful enough to manage even the busiest practices, but simple enough for a solo doctor to use.

  • Efficient, easy to use and quick to learn
  • Knowledgeable, one on one support
  • Available free trial
  • Serving chiropractors since 1983

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  • Batch Real Time Eligibility Check – Check all patients for the day in seconds.
  • Electronic ERA payment processing
  • Electronic claims processing
  • Electronic statements – easy to understand
  • Fully integrated credit card processing
  • Touchless check in via bar code
  • Supplements inventory and sales support

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  • Simplified scheduling and check in
  • Email and text appointment reminders
  • Retention and statistical reporting
  • Drag and drop schedule changes
  • Integration to Web Scheduling Portal

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Patient Records

  • Mindlessly simple to learn and use
  • Templated Notes – Complete daily note and billing in under 30 seconds
  • Fully certified software
  • Patient imaging and document storage
  • Full billing integration
  • Fully customizable templates

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“I really appreciate the awesome tech support that you guys have given. Amazing!!!!”

Dr. Oliver Roberson

ACST, Washington D.C.

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